Before After is an intimate musical about thirtysomethings Ami and Ben. When they encounter each other, she immediately recognizes him as her great love who disappeared from her life after a quarrel. He doesn't recognize her. In fact, he remembers nothing from before his car accident. While Ben tries to build a new existence, Ami tries to keep the past hidden and give their relationship a fresh start. Studio Tjade Bouma was responsible for the art direction of the poster campaign as well as the photography used for the scenography.

art direction + scenography photography studio Tjade Bouma photography poster campaign Lonneke van der Palen concept, compositie en liedteksten Stuart M. Price script Timothy Knapmann regie Loek de Bakker muzikale leiding Neil Foreman scenografie studio Dennis Vanderbroeck kostuum Rebekka Wörmann licht Tim Van ‘t Hof producent Niels van Doormalen - Oatmilk Productions