Part of ︎Editorial Agency Roxy + Tjade  
Collaborations ︎

Art Direction
  1. Subbacultcha magazine
  2. Melkweg Expo
  3. Amsterdam Fund for 
    the Arts e-zine
  4. Salle Privée magazine
  5. Down The Rabbit Hole festival guide
  6. Theatre Campaigns

Graphic Design
  1. Kiekie tabloid
  2. Maria photo publication
  3. Melkweg Expo visual identity
  4. David Laport branding
  5. &Italy visual identity
  6. Logofolio

Creative Consultancy
  1. Photography Workshop: selection & presentation
  2. Photo Academy Expert Programme: photographing in commission

Hi there! My name is Tjade Bouma (b. 1985). I’m an art director from Amsterdam specialised in visual identity, editorial and exhibition design.︎read more

Melkweg Expo Visual Identity
︎Graphic Design

   Melkweg Expo is an exhibition space for innovative, contemporary photography and a platform for young artists. Melkweg Expo shows (pop) culture in every facet. May it be art about identity or society. Studio Tjade Bouma designed the clean and colourful identity with enough room for the beautiful imagery.

Arty Party ‘19
︎Graphic Design

   ARTY PARTY brings together the most talented artists, straight from the graduation shows. ARTY PARTY unites all the art disciplines and young artists to let art rule for one glorious night. To put it simple: art = party. Admire, experience and come dance at this extraordinary event.