1/2 part of ︎editorial studio Roxy + Tjade
collaborations ︎hi@tjadebouma.com

Hi there! My name is Tjade Bouma (b. 1985). I’m an art director and graphic designer with a strong love for photography. The studio specializes in editorial, visual and exhibition design.

Editorial ︎︎︎
1. Pinkorange paper  
2. Kiekie photo tabloid
3. Maria photo publication
4. Yo soy otro tú, tú eres otro yo portfolio

Art Direction︎︎︎
1. Subbacultcha Magazine
2. DTRH Festival Guide
3. Theatre Campaigns
4. Musician Rosa Falkenburg

Exhibition ︎︎︎
1. I went on a Holiday to the country you fled from
2. Eyes on Robert
3. Beelddragers

Visual ︎︎︎
1. Cartier
2. Pinkorangeclub
3. Crafted Festival 
4. Melkweg Expo
5. Celine Cairo
6. David Laport
7. Stenen Eten 
8. Logofolio

Photography ︎︎︎
1. A Tale of Two Cities
2. Graphic Streets
3. Before After
4. Photo Journal

Workshop ︎︎︎
1. Photography Workshop: selection & presentation


Salle Privée magazine
︎Art Direction ︎Graphic Design

    In association with Marie-Stella-Maris we designed Salle Privée: a biannual magazine that celebrates a new culture of consciousness. Keeping you elegantly informed about design and lifestyle by bringing together an eclectic mix of thoughtful stories from people who have purpose, intelligence and style. 

Editor in chief               Features Editor                Production Manager
︎Sonny Groo               ︎Savi Kuruppu                 ︎Jesse Stokkel

︎Clémence Poésy shot by Duy Vo ︎Nick Wooster & Éric Chevallier shot by Wikkie Hermkens ︎Isabel Marant & Jérome Dreyfuss shot by Bertien van Manen