Part of ︎Editorial Agency Roxy + Tjade  
Collaborations ︎

Art Direction
  1. Subbacultcha magazine
  2. Melkweg Expo
  3. Amsterdam Fund for 
    the Arts e-zine
  4. Salle Privée magazine
  5. Down The Rabbit Hole festival guide
  6. Theatre Campaigns

Graphic Design
  1. Kiekie tabloid
  2. Maria photo publication
  3. Melkweg Expo visual identity
  4. David Laport branding
  5. &Italy visual identity
  6. Logofolio

Creative Consultancy
  1. Photography Workshop: selection & presentation
  2. Photo Academy Expert Programme: photographing in commission

Hi there! My name is Tjade Bouma (b. 1985). I’m an art director from Amsterdam specialised in visual identity, editorial and exhibition design.︎read more

Subbacultcha Magazine
︎Art Direction ︎Graphic Design

   Subbacultcha is an independent music platform from Amsterdam. Subbacultcha magazine is a quarterly music magazine that works to promote the platform’s progressive shows. Subbacultcha is known for its strong aesthetic and in-depth interviews. As Art Director, I personally commissioned all photography and illustrations made exclusively for Subbacultcha by an international network of photographers, writers and illustrators, making Subbacultcha a platform that gives opportunity to both musicians and talented contributors. 

Editor in chief
︎Roxy Merrell

︎Princess Nokia shot by Richard Perez for Subbacultcha no. 5 ︎Moon King shot by Dani Dabney for Subbacultcha no. 11 ︎ Shy Girl shot by Kamila K Stanley for Subbacultcha no. 12 ︎Sporting Life shot by Ryan Loewy for Subbacultcha no. 8 ︎Smerz shot by Maria Lyngnes Pasenau for Subbacultcha no. 9 ︎Palmbomen shot by Robbie Brannigan for Subbacultcha no. 7 ︎NTS radio shot by Trent McMinn for Subbacultcha Online ︎LO-FI LE-VI shot by Nick van Tiem for Subbacultcha no. 8 ︎Ménage à Trois shot by Nicole Dyson for Subbacultcha no. 8 ︎Farai shot by Vicky Grout for Subbacultcha no. 8 ︎Abdu Ali shot by Elliot Brown Jr. for Subbacultcha no. 7 ︎Kirin J Callinan shot by Gavriel Maynard for Subbacultcha no. 9 ︎Idiott Smith by Isolde Woudstra for Subbacultcha no. 5 ︎Kero Kero Bonito shot by Trent McMinn for Subbacultcha no. 5 ︎s t a r g a z e shot by Lonneke van der Palen for Subbacultcha no. 10︎Moor Mother shot by CJ Harvey for Subbacultcha no. 6