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Hi there! My name is Tjade Bouma (b. 1985). I’m an art director and graphic designer with a strong love for photography. The studio specializes in editorial, visual and exhibition design.

Editorial ︎︎︎
1. Pinkorange paper  
2. Kiekie photo tabloid
3. Maria photo publication
4. Yo soy otro tú, tú eres otro yo portfolio

Art Direction︎︎︎
1. Subbacultcha Magazine
2. DTRH Festival Guide
3. Theatre Campaigns
4. Musician Rosa Falkenburg

Exhibition ︎︎︎
1. I went on a Holiday to the country you fled from
2. Eyes on Robert
3. Beelddragers

Visual ︎︎︎
1. Cartier
2. Pinkorangeclub
3. Crafted Festival 
4. Melkweg Expo
5. Celine Cairo
6. David Laport
7. Stenen Eten 
8. Logofolio

Photography ︎︎︎
1. A Tale of Two Cities
2. Graphic Streets
3. Before After
4. Photo Journal

Workshop ︎︎︎
1. Photography Workshop: Selection & Presentation - how to present yourself as a photographer?


Subbacultcha Magazine
︎Art Direction ︎Graphic Design

   Subbacultcha is an independent music platform from Amsterdam. Subbacultcha magazine is a quarterly music magazine that works to promote the platform’s progressive shows. Subbacultcha is known for its strong aesthetic and in-depth interviews. As Art Director, I personally commissioned all photography and illustrations made exclusively for Subbacultcha by an international network of photographers, writers and illustrators, making Subbacultcha a platform that gives opportunity to both musicians and talented contributors. 

Commissioned Photography

Subbacultcha Magazine

Editor in chief
︎Roxy Merrell

︎Princess Nokia shot by Richard Perez for Subbacultcha no. 5 ︎Moon King shot by Dani Dabney for Subbacultcha no. 11 ︎ Shy Girl shot by Kamila K Stanley for Subbacultcha no. 12 ︎Sporting Life shot by Ryan Loewy for Subbacultcha no. 8 ︎Smerz shot by Maria Lyngnes Pasenau for Subbacultcha no. 9 ︎Palmbomen shot by Robbie Brannigan for Subbacultcha no. 7 ︎NTS radio shot by Trent McMinn for Subbacultcha Online ︎LO-FI LE-VI shot by Nick van Tiem for Subbacultcha no. 8 ︎Ménage à Trois shot by Nicole Dyson for Subbacultcha no. 8 ︎Farai shot by Vicky Grout for Subbacultcha no. 8 ︎Abdu Ali shot by Elliot Brown Jr. for Subbacultcha no. 7 ︎Kirin J Callinan shot by Gavriel Maynard for Subbacultcha no. 9 ︎Idiott Smith by Isolde Woudstra for Subbacultcha no. 5 ︎Kero Kero Bonito shot by Trent McMinn for Subbacultcha no. 5 ︎s t a r g a z e shot by Lonneke van der Palen for Subbacultcha no. 10︎Moor Mother shot by CJ Harvey for Subbacultcha no. 6