Part of ︎Editorial Agency Roxy + Tjade  
Collaborations ︎

Art Direction
  1. Subbacultcha magazine
  2. Melkweg Expo
  3. Amsterdam Fund for 
    the Arts e-zine
  4. Salle Privée magazine
  5. Down The Rabbit Hole festival guide
  6. Theatre Campaigns

Graphic Design
  1. Kiekie tabloid
  2. Maria photo publication
  3. Melkweg Expo visual identity
  4. David Laport branding
  5. &Italy visual identity
  6. Logofolio

Creative Consultancy
  1. Photography Workshop: selection & presentation
  2. Photo Academy Expert Programme: photographing in commission

Hi there! My name is Tjade Bouma (b. 1985). I’m an art director from Amsterdam specialised in visual identity, editorial and exhibition design.︎read more

Workshop selection & presentation

︎How do you set yourself apart as photographer? 
︎What story do you tell?

︎how do you translate this story in a coherent selection of images?

In this workshop selection and presentation I will help you find your unique voice and translate that to a coherent presentation both on- and offline.

︎This is a 3-session course. 
︎The sessions cost €250,- each. 
︎The workshop space is located conveniently in the centre of Amsterdam on the Houtmankade 70hs.
︎Dates are flexible with enough time in between to make adjustments to your presentation.

Session 01 ︎ Brand Values: What story do you tell?
︎3 hours ︎Houtmankade 70hs ︎€250,- 
In session 01 we dive into your unique selling point. What story do you tell as a photographer? What got you inspired in the first place and what makes your style unique? We go into a bit of branding your own brand as a photographer and extrac the story that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Session 02 ︎ Presentation: Attracting the right client. We work on the right selection and salespitch.
︎3 hours ︎Houtmankade 70hs ︎€250,-
In session 02 we go into presenting this story. What’s your salespitch in one sentence? In a couple of sentences. What selection of images fit this story? We will also look at your website, instagram and PDF portfolio to make sure your brand is on point and tells the story that it needs to tell.

Session 03 ︎ Follow up: A check-up of the new designed presentation tools. What can you improve?
︎3 hours ︎Houtmankade 70hs ︎€250,-
In session 03 you updated your presentation on the website, instagram and you made your PDF portfolio. Together we look at your story and see if the presentation matches this story. We’ll come up with a group of clients that you can send your portfolio to.  

After this Course
︎You have a better understanding of your own brand and your brand values
︎You can explain your own work super clear in a short salespitch
︎You know how to make the correct selection of your photography
︎You know how and where to attract the right client

 Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to ask. Get in touch ︎ ︎06-38280761