A Tale of Two Cities

Preface by Jonas Kooyman

There’s something mesmerizing about visiting a city for the first time. Senses are heightened, especially the eyes, in order to master the rules and culture of this strange new place. It’s usually during a first visit you’ll see the most of a city. Details you don’t notice a third or fourth time. This is what I love about photography zine A Tale of Two Cities. A curious, playful and humorous take on street photography by photographer and art director Tjade Bouma. In a world of in-between moments he captured the contrast of Israeli cities Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. A city devoted to enjoyment versus a city committed to a higher power. Or in Tjade’s world: a stack of white plastic chairs for Jerusalem prayers and their Tel Aviv equivalent: a pile of beach umbrellas.

photography and design studio Tjade Bouma
preface Jonas Kooyman