I Went on a Holiday to the Country You Fled From is a photo series by photographer Iris Haverkamp Begemann in collaboration with Ajelandra Ortiz. The series explores identity and privilege culminating in this photo book designed by studio Tjade Bouma.

In the series, photographer Iris Haverkamp Begemann uses her privilege, as a Dutch cis-gender white woman, to travel to her friend (trans activist and writer) Alejandra’s hometown in Mexico to document the place she left behind in an attempt to escape violence.

Guided by memories and a handmade map Haverkamp Begemann documents a photo series that weaves together experiences of belonging and rejection to create an intimate portrait of identity and the complex ways that it dictates personal freedom.

This series was previously exhibited at Melkweg Expo (July 2022), WePresent at Tottenham Court, London (November 2022) and it was awarded the Dutch Photography Award '23 (SO 23).

+ Linen Hardcover
with debossed titles and handwriting
+ Tip-in cover photo
+ size: 280 x 260 mm
+ number of pages: 114 pages
+ Two paper stocks:
90 gr. Arena Rough Ivory and 135 gr. Gardapat Klassika

+ photography and publishing  
Iris Haverkamp Begemann
+ copy editor  
Roxy Merrel
+ handwritten description  
Alejandra Ortiz
+ printer and binder. Wilco Art Books
+ made with the help of  Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Stichting Voordekunst, Het Cultuurfonds & Familiefonds Hurgronje
+ stockist  
Foam Editions