Part of ︎Editorial Agency Roxy + Tjade  
Collaborations ︎

Art Direction
  1. Subbacultcha magazine
  2. Melkweg Expo
  3. Amsterdam Fund for 
    the Arts e-zine
  4. Salle Privée magazine
  5. Down The Rabbit Hole festival guide
  6. Theatre Campaigns

Graphic Design
  1. Kiekie tabloid
  2. Maria photo publication
  3. Melkweg Expo visual identity
  4. David Laport branding
  5. &Italy visual identity
  6. Logofolio

Creative Consultancy
  1. Photography Workshop: selection & presentation
  2. Photo Academy Expert Programme: photographing in commission

Hi there! My name is Tjade Bouma (b. 1985). I’m an art director from Amsterdam specialised in visual identity, editorial and exhibition design.︎read more

Eyes on Robert Expo
︎Art Direction ︎Design

   For the Eyes on Robert exhibition, together with Melkweg Expo (in co-curation by Fleurie Kloostra) and Holland Festival, I invited a diverse group of contemporary photographers: Ari Versluis, Daan Couzijn, Dustin Thierry, Dylan van Vliet, Ferry van der Nat, Henri Verhoef, Martijn Mendel and Vytautas Kumza to produce new work inspired by Robert Mapplethorpe.

Robert Mapplethorpe: photographer, enfant terrible and queer. His transgressive work is characterised by an uncompromising curiosity for sexuality, the body and eroticism. His iconic nudes, celebrity portraits and documentation of New York’s S&M scene in the 1970s and ‘80s pushed artistic boundaries and broke taboos. How is sexuality represented in contemporary visual culture? With prudish values on the rise, Mapplethorpe’s work may now, 30 years after his death, be more relevant than ever.

FOLLOW ‘19 expo
   In collaboration with EIZO, Kiekie and Melkweg Expo join forces for the second edition of the young talent development program FOLLOW.  FOLLOW ’19 presents photographers Sjoerd Houben and Robin Alysha Clemens. Robin Alysha Clemens presents a photographic portrait of contemporary Mexican people and their faith. Sjoerd Houben followed and photographed men and women with a passion for bodybuilding, investigating gender roles and stereotypes within the subculture. I helped design Robin’s section of the exhibition.