Reflections is a biannual themed magazine created by editorial studio Roxy + Tjade to make space for exploration and collaboration. Using design, photography, illustration and words, we invite you to get inspired. For each edition studio Tjade Bouma creates a series of still lifes within the chosen theme.

Reflections issue 00 
- prologue -

 In this prologue, Roxy + Tjade explore what springs up when thinking about reflections. Between the folds you’ll find echoes of our thoughts and fragments to spark dialogue. For now, we made something for ourselves, and for you. For now, now is good.

Reflections issue 01
- The Romance Issue -

A blossoming bud, vibrant colours bursting forth from a tender green. Each flower tells its own story, a tale of romance and renewal. Each bloom is a masterpiece. Therein lies the ultimate romantic gesture. Captured abstractly, in motion, the still lifes form a flower arrangement for the summer love of your life.